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CHANGZHOU XIANFEI PACKING EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. CHINA www.xf-kj.com GNC-12L Automatic High-viscosity Filler E125,126
FUJIAN EXAMPLE EOE GROUP CO., LTD. CHINA www.bxqy.com Tin Cans and Tinplate Easy Open End, Tinplate Processed E133
FUJIAN XIANHE PACKAGE CO., LTD. CHINA www.fjxhbz.cn Food Cans,Can Lids D141, D142
GUANGDONG IKE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. CHINA www.ike.cn IKE Heat Pump Dehydration Dryer E101,E102
HLB (SHANGHAI) GLASSWARE CO., LTD. CHINA www.hlbglass.com Beer glass, red wine glass A117
HOMEDIA (ZHANGZHOU) IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. CHINA www. interpackgroup.net Packaging material, packaging machine, canned food import and export  C164
JIANGSU ZHONGTAI PACKING MACHINERY CO., LTD. CHINA www.ztchina.net Automatic bottle feeder, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, lid-presser, label machine, shrink label machine, sealing machine, ink-jet printer E139
JIANGYIN HUAYUAN ALUMINUM-PLASTIC PACK CO., LTD. CHINA www.huayuanpak.com Aluminum Foil Lids; Aluminium lidding film; Packing film E132
JINTAN ZHUFENG PACKING MACHINERY CO., LTD. CHINA www.jszfth.com Filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, shrink machine, sealing machine, printer, wrapping machine, carton sealing machine, horizontal bag packing machine E140
NINGBO KAIZHOU NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD.  CHINA www.nbkaizhou.com Yogurt cup, Vacuum forming food trays, PET bottles, BOPS films C162
SHANDONG DMPACK TECH CO., LTD. CHINA www.dmpack.cn Polyolefin Shrink Film, Printed POF shrink film,  Anti-fog POF shrink film, Opaque shrink film E161
SHANDONG LIANZHONG PACKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. CHINA lianzhong.en.alibaba.com/ POF shrink film  F129
SHANDONG XIAOKANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. CHINA www.xkpack.com Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine; Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine; Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine F104
SHANGHAI VISTA PACKAGING CO., LTD. CHINA www.vglassware.com Glass measured container for food and beverage E146
WEIFANG HANZHOU COMPANY  LTD CHINA www.hanzhouglass.com Glass bottle, glass jar, drink bottle. E111
WENZHOU ECHO MACHINERY CO., LTD. CHINA www.echomachinery.com High Speed Bag-given Packing Machine/ High Speed Vacuum Packing Machine E164
WENZHOU HAIZHOU PACKAGING MACHINERY CO., LTD. CHINA www.hz-pk.cn Filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine,sealing machine,coding machine, vacuum machine and so on E138
WENZHOU WANHE MACHINERY CO., LTD. CHINA www.chinawanhe.com Vacuum packing machine Granule packing machine,powder packing machine,Liquid packing machine and filling machine ,sealing machine E155
XIAMEN UPC IMP.&EXP.,CO., LTD. CHINA www.unitedpacking.com Glass bottle. E112
XIAMEN YUYUAN IMP.&EXP. TRADE CO., LTD.  CHINA www.citefoods.com Canned, vegetable and fruit A108
XUZHOU BOLITE IMPORT&TRADING CO., LTD. CHINA www.boliteglass.com Glass bottle, glass jar. E110
ZHANGZHOU KEHONG ELECTRON CO., LTD. CHINA www.k-h.com.cn Packaging Machinery A106, A107
ZHEJIANG LIGAO PUMP TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. CHINA www.ligaopumps.com Filling for food industry such as milk, yoghourt, butter, ice-cream, chocolate, jelly, jam, syrup, beer, soft drinks, fruit juice, pudding, tomato sauce, sesame, peanut butter, condiment, edible oil, cheese blocks, whey, wort, yeast, etc. E135
CHELLSONS PACKAGING PRIVATE LIMITED INDIA www.optishrink.com Shrink Sleeves, Standup Pouches with Spout Fitment or Re-Ciosable Zipper, Retortable Pouch, Micro-Waveable Pouch, Quad Seal Bags, Side Gusseted Bags, Flat Bottom Pouch, Laminated Form Fill & Seal Rolls B154
MILLENIUM PACKAGING SOLUTIONS LIMITED INDIA www.milleniumpackaging.in Plastic Strapping Rolls, self adhesive tapes and packaging machines C149
SATYAKRITY INDIA   Sublimation Printer, Textile Printer, UV Printer, Large Format Printers, ID Card Printers C114
TARGET INNOVATIONS INDIA www.targetinnovations.com  Metal Detectors, Check Weigher, FFS pouch Packing Machine C149
WORLDPACK AUTOMATION SYSTEMS PVT LTD. INDIA  www.worldpackmachines.net   C121
TRY COMPANY CO., LTD. JAPAN http://www.trycompany.co.jp ICE PACK “Catch Cool” Serie H133
TPG CO.,TLD KOREA http// tpg.co.kr Absorbs moisture, Oxy gen absorber E145
LTP GLOBAL VINA.CO.,LTD KOREA www.ltpglobal.co.kr Gravure printing & Food package & Cosmetic Package F146,147
SAMYANG PACKAGING CORPORATION KOREA www.samyangpackaging.com PET Beverage, CartoCan Beverage, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Sport Drinks, Kids Drink B120, B121
SEWHA CNM CO., LTD. KOREA www.sewhacnm.co.kr Digital weighing indicator, Loadcell, Weighing controller G133
SOLUTIONPACK MACHINERY CO., LTD MALAYSIA www.solutionpack.my Filling Machine & Packaging Machinery E105, 106, E129, 130
PIRAMAL GLASS CEYLON PLC SRILANKA www.piramalglassceylon.com Glass bottles and Jars for Food , liquor , beverage…etc E118, E119
FUN LEADER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. TAIWAN www.fld-bottle.com Glass container C101
SRITHAI VIETNAM CO., LTD. THAILAND www.srithaivietnam.com Pallet, plastic container H108
EASTERN POLYPACK CO.,LTD. THAILAND www.eppcup.com Disposable Plastic Packaging for food and drinks A138
VJP GLOBAL CO., LTD THAILAND www.vjpglobal.com Paper Container,Aluminium Foil Container etc. A139
AN MY KHAI THAM QUYEN CO., LTD. VIETNAM   Machinery & equipment H110
VIETNAM www.thietbivpm.com Milk powder processing line; Vegetable cutting machine; DIGI Automatic Wrapping machine. F135 - 138, F165 - 168
TIN THANH PACKAGING J.S.C. VIETNAM www.batico.com Plastic packaging E143, 144,159,160
DUY TAN PLASTICS CORPORATION VIETNAM www.duytan.com Packaging for food and beverages, packaging for pharmaceuticals, products for promotion. G123, G124
PHAT DAT TECH SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. VIETNAM phatdatvn.com Ink jet printer Vijet100, Modeon Metal detector, vacuum packaging. F150, 151
TAN MI CO., LTD. VIETNAM baobitanmi.com  Tan Mi - is the leading company of safety seal technology and decal label printing F113
LEIBINGER - TRUONG THINH TECHNICAL CO., LTD. VIETNAM www.truongthinhinkjet.com.vn Leibinger inkjet printers
Mango & Macsa Laser
GIA HAO PHU CO., LTD. VIETNAM   Plastic jar F157
DELI LIMITED OF PACKING MATERIAL COMPANY VIETNAM www.china-bodeli.com Gaskets, seal film, packaging materials A119
PROPACK MACHINERY CO., LTD VIETNAM www.ezpack.com.vn Filling Machine & Packaging Machinery E147
THANH LOI EQUIPMENT MATERIAL CO.,LTD VIETNAM www.mangcopof.com POF shrink film, POF wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, electric scale, vacuum skin film. G127
GPS TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. VIETNAM gpsco.vn Continuous Inkjet Printers H107
HSENG TEX ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (CKC) VIETNAM ckcpack.com.vn Machinery & equipment for foods & beverage packaging F120, 121
HUNG DUONG TRADING CO., LTD. VIETNAM www.newdiamond.com.vn Machinery & equipment for foods & beverage packaging F114, 115
ANPHA MECHANICAL TECHNICAL TRADING PRODUCTION CO., LTD. VIETNAM www.maydonggoi.com.vn Packing machine F143 - 145
TIN DAN COMPANY LTD VIETNAM tdn-company.com.vn Labeling, Printing material & technology G136
KIM MY ELACTROMECHANIS TRADING SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED VIETNAM www.kimmygroup.com Paper cup, paper bowl, plastic box, plastic cup, and rice cooker, steam cooker... D114 - 116
VIET STARS TRADING CLEANING SERVICE COMPANY  VIETNAM www.saovietco.vn Packaging products F163, 164
HOA THANH EQUIPMENT MACHINERY IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. VIETNAM www.maymochoathanh.com Multi-function vegetable cutter, fish meat extractor, packing machine, band sealer, can seamer F116 - 119
KIEN NANG FOOD PACK CO., LTD. VIETNAM www.kiennang.com We specialized in food bags, food wrapper, box…used food grade paper  H113
LIKSIN CORPORATION VIETNAM www.liksin.vn Flexible packaging, paper packaging, corrugated packaging, label printing, commercial printing F141, 142