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The 21st VietFood, Beverage and Professional Packing Machines (VietFood & Beverage – ProPack) will take place in Saigon Exhibitions and Conventions Center, 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, HoChiMinh City, from 9th to 12th August 2017.

The series of events have been a significant trade promotion with participation of the two important sectors Food and Beverage, including five products that will be displayed (Food, Agricultural, Local, Aqua-Sea Products; Beverage; Nutrition, Pharmaceutical food; materials and ingredients); Machines and Equipment, Packing and Food Preservation; and Franchise. Sideline events will be held in collaborations with Associations (Vietnam Association of Retails (AVR); HoChiMinh Food and Foodstuff Association (FFA); Vietnam Beverage Association; Young Business Association; Vietnam Association of Fost and HoChiMinh Business Association).

Vietfood & Beverage - ProPack 2017 has brought in huge commercial values in more than twenty-years and it has been ongoing with impressive participations of well-known brands such as 500 businesses from 20 countries and territories will be playing at the exhibition about 600 pavilions from Taiwan, Poland, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, China and Vietnam.



In 2016, the exhibition was participated by 425 companies and 500 pavilions from 21 countries and territories including 5 national pavilions of Poland, Taiwan, Korea, China and Vietnam. Statistics of the Organizer told 15,300 arrivals of visitors and working sessions in which 9,200 businessmen from importers and distributors; food processing, beverage and pack manufacturers; supermarkets, retailers; Directors/Hotel and restaurant managers.

Agricultural products made by Vietnam remains the highlight to foreigners and neighboring cities and provinces. Mrs. Nhung nguyen thi – representative of Ngan Giang Luc Ngan Company said: “Our country has diversified products but it’s largely dependent on the only market so their prices are falling down. I think we need to diversify our products, instead of fresh fruits, we are providing canned-litchi juice which are popular in local market, a way to help farmers’ better living”. The said story tells the fact local businesses are managing to change day-by-day to cater consumers’ demands and get more benefits.

 Poland showcased at a scale of 200 square meters for agricultural products apple, livestock alike from companies under Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Poland Association of Food and Processing. Mr. Jaroslaw Olowshi – President of the Agricultural Products market – Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture said: “We provide world-class products which were all examined by the European Quality Monitoring Agency. We are happy to introduce food made by the Poland at the Exhibition with hopes to introduce and open more markets in Vietnam and its neighboring countries”. Thanks to such achievements, Poland’s businesses continued to present their products at Vietfood & Beverage – Propack in Hanoi (November 2016) and the third time in HoChiMinh city.

The beverage sector of Vietnam has a steady growth in both production scale and quality, defined by well-known brands like Habeco, Sabeco, Tan Hiep Phat, A&B who are regular participants at our exhibitions, offering a ‘Drinks Festival’ – a chance for businesses meet with partners and open more markets. The exhibition is also an opportunity that international brands such as Saporo, AbinBev, Vanpur, Vintage, Masfi take to introduce their products to a large increasing number of consumers.



 The exhibition will be enlarged by the scale participation of annual players such as Korea, Thailand, Poland, Taiwan and the first time participants Czech, UAE, Brazil, France, Arab whose innovative products will be attrative to visitors, proving that Vietnam has been an emerging market and changing itself to adapt to rising needs.

 Among 500 participants, local companies take half of them with potential products such as tea, coffee, beverage, processed agricultural products, fruits and dried fruits. Well-built pavilions of Tan Nhat Huong Company who has been a three-year participant (coffee, bakers, ingredients to baking); Canh Dong Vang Company who has been a four-year participant (juice and jam), VISSAN Company who has been a seven-year participant (sausage, cold meat and canned food), Dan On Company who has been a ten-year participant (chestnut, oat and peanuts) and earned high incomes from exports through exhibitions, Tan Quang Minh Company – Bidrico brand has been participated for ten years.

 Logistics companies such as Tay Bac Sai Gon – authorised by Fusso with freezing vans; OneICC, Auphan Software, Mobiwork provides network administration system in the food and beverage; Long Hau and PITP Industrial Park (Binh Duong Province) will introduce their warehouse and storage.

International pavilions:

-          Poland Pavilion delivers green agriculture solution, fresh fruit (apple, blueberry, strawberry), milk, cheese, biscuit and cereals.

-          Korean Pavilion with 70 booths of GBSA, Wikim; APFS and other products such as seaweed, ganoderma, red ginseng and canned food.

-          Taiwan Pavilion with five-year participation will present food, machines, crystal and tea.

-          Malaysia Pavilion (under the DIDR of Malaysia) with 16 companies who display processed food and snacks.

-          Thailand Pavilion presents juice, energy drinks which have been popular with local consumers.

 Additionally, sideline events like conferences will be held in collaborations with HoChiMinh City Food Association (FFA), Vietnam Retailers Association with two themes: “Food and beverage retails in Vietnam: different angles and challenges” and “Retails Trends in countries and suggests to Vietnam”; Introduction of products (inclusive corporate management solution to the food and beverage).

 VIETFOOD & BEVERAGE - PROPACK 2017 is organized by Vinexad in collaborations of local Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Food Standards Committee (CODEX Vietnam) as well as local and overseas associations, Foreign Trade Promotion in Vietnam, provinces and cities, mass media who are information sponsors (Vietnam Economy, Vietnam Investment Review, Vietnam News, www.bizhub.vn, Saigon Businessmen, Shopping Magazine, Taste&Event magazine; www.alan.vn).         

Opening hours: 9am-5pm in every 4 days (Wed - 9/8 to Sat (12/8) at Saigon Exhibitions and Conventions Center), 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, HoChiMinh City. 

Website: www.foodexvietnam.com

Fan-page: VietfoodBeverage

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