VietFood & Beverage-ProPack 2017: a cavalcade of international colours

04/04/2017 16:04

The 21st VietFood, Beverage and Professional Packing Machines (VietFood & Beverage-ProPack) exhibition will take place in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre at 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, from August 9 to 12, 2017.

500 companies from 20 countries and territories will showcase their very best at the annual event

The series of events have been a significant trade promotion platform, with the participation of two important sectors. On one hand, the food and beverage section will display five product categories (food, agricultural, local, and aqua-sea products; beverage; nutrition, pharmaceutical food; materials and ingredients). The other section of the event will highlight machinery and equipment, packaging and food preservation products, and franchise opportunities.

The side-line events will also offer plentiful showcasing and networking opportunities as they are held in collaboration with the Vietnam Association of Retailers (AVR), the Ho Chi Minh Food and Foodstuff Association (FFA), the Vietnam Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Association (VBA), the Young Business Association and the Ho Chi Minh Business Association.

Vietfood & Beverage-ProPack has brought in huge commercial values in its more than 20 years of annual event attracting well-known domestic and international brands. This year will see the participation of  500 businesses from 20 countries and territories, raising about  600 pavilions. Notable participants hail from Taiwan, Poland, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, China, and of course Vietnam.

In 2016, the exhibition attracted 425 companies and 500 pavilions from 21 countries and territories, including pavilions from Poland, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Statistics reported 15,300 visitors and working sessions in which 9,200 businessmen managed to secure deals in the sectors of export-import and distribution, food processing, beverage and packaging manufacturing, supermarkets and retail, and hospitality.

The Vietnamese beverage sector has a steady growth in both production scale and quality, propelled by well-known brands like Habeco, Sabeco, Tan Hiep Phat, and A&B—all of whom are regular participants at the exhibition. The Vietnamese giants cooperate to offer a ‘Drinks Festival’—a chance for businesses to meet with partners and open more markets.

Besides regulars, like Korea, Thailand, Poland, and Taiwan, the exhibition will be made even grander by first-time participants from the Czech Republic, UAE, Brazil and France whose innovative products will be a novelty to visitors, giving the event added colour.

Local companies make up about half of the 500 participants, showcasing potential products like tea, coffee, processed agricultural products, as well as fresh and dried fruits.

Third-timer Tan Nhat Huong Company’s pavilion will showcase their selection of coffee and baking ingredients, while four-year participant Canh Dong Vang Company will offer juice and jam products to visitors.

Seven-year participant VISSAN Company will promote its flagship sausages, cold meat, and canned food products, and ten-year participants Don On Company and Tan Quang Minh Company will showcase chestnut, oat, and peanut products.

The event will also feature logistics companies, such as Tay Bac Sai Gon, as well as food and beverage network administration system providers OneICC, Auphan Software, and Mobiwork.

Additionally, Long Hau Industrial Park in the southern province of Binh Duong will introduce their warehouse and storage offerings.

International pavilions also have an exciting line-up of products and services on display. For instance, Poland’s pavilion will show green agricultural solutions as well as fresh fruit, including apples, blueberry, and strawberry, and milk, cheese, biscuits, and cereals.

The 70 booths of the Korean pavilion will showcase the products such as seaweed, red ginseng, and canned food products.

Returning for the fifth time, the Taiwanese pavilion will present food, machinery, as well as crystal and tea products.

The Malaysian pavilion will display processed food and snack products from 16 companies.

The Thai pavilion will present juices and energy drinks that are becoming increasingly popular among local consumers.


By Chi Cong