Triển lãm Quốc tế chuyên ngành Y dược thường niên lần thứ 22 tại Hà Nội

Company's Name Displayed products Booth Country
AFFINITY FOOD CO., LTD. Affinity Food Co., Ltd. Established in 1989, It's a professional food manufacturer and R&D. Main... D133 TAIWAN
AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION DREAMFARM Our sprout ginseng is a pure food grown in our own technology as a healing vegetable that can be... D111 KOREA
APPOLONIA SP. Z O.O. Fresh Apples Consortium Appolonia currently sells more than 200 000 tonnes of apples. Daily... C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
ASIA VALVES CORP. Asia Valves is capable of providing all the valves and fittings under our MD brand, as well as to... G116 TAIWAN
BAKOMA SP. Z O.O. Bakoma Sp. z o. o. was established in 1989. Leading Polish dairy producer. It offers short- and... C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
BAYANNAOER LONG XING TRADING CO., LTD Long Xing Trading Co., Ltd is founded in June 2007. We are professional manufactory for exporting... D109 CHINA
BEIJING SPACEFLIGHT EAST SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Beijing Spaceflight east Technology Development Co., Ltd.,affiliated with Capital Aerospace... F124 CHINA
BESFOMEC INDUSTRIES SDN.BHD FOMEC’S a lending in Chinese Medicine in Melaka City, Malaysia .The formulation is prepared with... C101 MALAYSIA
BT GIN CO., LTD BTGIN CO., LTD – Korean Red Ginseng Manufacturer with Special Ginsenosides Business Fields : Korean... G106 KOREA
CHANGZHOU XIANFEI PACKING EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Our company specially engages in research, develop and production of packing machines on chemical,... E106, E107 CHINA
CHARM-FOOD HOENGSEONGMAK SanHwangTaeChae(Dried Pollack slice), HOENGSEONGMAK SanHwangTae(Dried... B101 KOREA
CHENGDU FUNPAER FOOD CO., LTD.. Chengdu Funpaer Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, the company is located in chengdu xindu recuperat... E123 CHINA
CHENGDU RONGCHENG MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Chengdu Rongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded by combination of Zhongyi Machinery and Fangyuan... F109a CHINA
CHEONG A GOOD FOOD CO., LTD Leg parts of small octopuses of which head parts are removed are seasoned with various spices and... B130 KOREA
CHEONG HAE CO., LTD. Products: rozen Fish, Salted Mackerel etc. With the ultimate goal of supplying the most hygienic... D110 KOREA
CHIA NAN FOOD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD We are come from taiwan.we are the CHIA NAN FOODINDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. We product fish paste produts... E102 TAIWAN
CHYUAN JEOU RONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD Reality, Conscience and Accommodating is based on CJR's spirit guiding. CJR has devoted the export... D132 TAIWAN
CITY FARM INTERFOOD CO., LTD City Farm Interfood CO., LTD is a manufacturer and exporter of canned beverage. We provide the best... C128 THAILAND
CIVITA FOOD LTD. We’re committed to produce food products enlivening everyone to live full lives. Our corn grows in... E122 HUNGARY
CJ FOODS VIETNAM CO., LTD Kimchi Products: Sliced Kimchi 100 gram/ Sliced Kimchi 500 gram/ Kohlrabi Kimchi/ Koryo Kimchi 100... H20, H21 KOREA
BUOC TIEN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION LIMITED COMPANY Conveyor belt pvc, pu, rubber conveyor belts, conveyor systerm products for the industry, Most of... F142A VIETNAM
SAIGON-BINHTAY BEER J.S.C. Food processing, wine, beer, beverage T02 VIETNAM
C.P. VIETNAM CORPORATION Fried chicken Fivestar, sausages. A126, A127 VIETNAM
HALICO - HANOI LIQUOR J.S.C. Alcoholic beverages: vodka, Ba Kich wine; Pure water. H43, H44, H47, H48 VIETNAM
VPM EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY J.S.C. VPM EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY J.S.C. established and intensive activities in the field of equipment and... F138, F139, F140, F141 VIETNAM
MNB TECHNOLOGIES J.S.C. Our company currently provides and distributes food products imported from Taiwan, Hong Kong. With a... H02C VIETNAM
HONG DAO J.S.C. Sake wine. H24 VIETNAM
HAI AU GROUP JOIT STOCK COMPANY HAI AU GROUP JOIT STOCK COMPANY is proud to be the pioneer in the field of production and... G142 VIETNAM
HQGANO JOINT STOCK COMPANY HQGANO CORPORATION specializes in manufacturing, farming and distribution of Ganoderma and HQGANO... A116 VIETNAM
VIETNAM FOOD INDUSTRIES J.S.C. As one of the pioneer instant food industry in Vietnam, VIFON became familiar brand and stick with... A125 VIETNAM
MACHINEX VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY Model filter toxins in alcohol refinery H11 VIETNAM
RANG DONG PLASTIC JOINT – STOCK COMPANY Single-layer flexible and multilayer Packaging. C114, C115 VIETNAM
DUYTAN PLASTICS CORPORATION Packagings for Food and Beverage are in various range of shapes and sizes. Products have been... E116, E117 VIETNAM
ANH KIM FOOD PRODUCTION J.S.C. Slow-cooked Black Chicken Soup is prepared from small-sized whole Black Chicken, mixed with folk... H31 VIETNAM
THE NUTS J.S.C. Seeds: maccadamia, walnut, imported fruits. H32 VIETNAM
MINH TAM CO., LTD Speciaizing in production and sales medical equipment, laboratory equipment, treatment water... T06, T07 VIETNAM
BICH CHI FOOD COMPANY Tapioca rice sticks, Vina Rice Noodle, Shrimp Chips, Rice Paper…… T09A VIETNAM
DAN ON FOODS CORPORATION Dan On Foods Corporation is a Canadian owned manufacturer, exporting worldwide under Dan D Pak brand... B126, B127 VIETNAM
MINHDUONG FOODSTUFF J.S.C. Rice noodles, vermicelli. A115 VIETNAM
THIEN HUONG FOOD J.S.C. Instant noodles. Pho noodle. Dried vermicelli, dry noodle. Instant porridge. Instant... G138 VIETNAM
TINH HOA TOAN CAU FOOD JOINT STOCK COMPANY 1,Chocolate Tamrah is made from 3 layer with almond,dates and chocolate. Best food is the owner of... T110, T111 VIETNAM
CHANH VIET J.S.C. Products from lemons and other products. T124 VIETNAM
NHATRANG SALANGANES’ NEST TRADING J.S COMPANY Nha Trang Salanganes Nest Trading JS Company specializes in supplying 100% natural raw and refined... C124 VIETNAM
VISSAN JOINT STOCK COMPANY Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a member company of Saigon Trading Group (SATRA), which is one of... H05, H06, H07 VIETNAM
HUNG DUNG CO.,LTD Fruit juice, milk and biscuits B112, B113 VIETNAM
SUPPLY AND DEMAND CO., LTD Founded in 2010, SUPPLY AND DEMAND CO., LTD is a leading distributor of high-end products from South... T08 VIETNAM
SON HUNG CO., LTD Organic fertilizers, organic rice. A121, A122 VIETNAM
2M CO., LTD We are on the stage of unlimited development and improving product quality to bring best Japanese... H26 VIETNAM
ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV BEER VIETNAM CO., LTD Brewing beer and fermented malt. T03 VIETNAM
BONIE BEE CO., LTD Honey and products from Bees. A123 VIETNAM
BUHLER VIETNAM CO., LTD Providing milling equipments,feed mill, paint, inks. H10A, H11A VIETNAM
CA CAO XUAN RON CHO GAO CO LTD We are specialized in pure cocoa powder and cocoa-based products right at high quality cocoa... B128 VIETNAM
CAO SU VIET COMPANY LIMITED Cao Su Viet Company specializes in manufacturing of technical rubber products and polyurethane... E118, E119 VIETNAM
LUONG QUOI COCONUT CO., LTD Organic Virgin coconut oil   + Refined coconut oil   + Canned coconut milk   + Canned coconut... C112, C113 VIETNAM
QUANG HUY BK OF MECHATRONICS .,LTD Decanter and Separator + 2 phases and 3 phases oil separation centrifuge: fish oil, animal oil and... D118, D119 VIETNAM
Tien Minh LUBE CO., LTD TM Lube company is exclusive distributor for LUBRIPLATE-USA that manufacture and sell only the... F121A VIETNAM
NEW WIND INVESTMENT & EXPORT/ IMPORT CO.,LTD Our company’s business are import / export and distribute. Main product is Larva children fruit... H10 VIETNAM
DH FOODS CO., LTD Tay Ninh Salt Speciality Chili & Sauce Speciality Natural Spices Speciality Instant Porrigge –... T114 VIETNAM
SAMURAI SERVICE CO., LTD Fish collagen, Sumo San Biscuit H12a VIETNAM
VU KIM PHARMA CO., LTD VU KIM PHARMA CO., LTD is proud to be one of the leading units in the research and distribution of... T115 VIETNAM
EIP LIMITED COMPANY EIP LIMITED COMPANY is a distributor of NeedHam Group- England, specializing in providing compatible... B120, B121 VIETNAM
HOANG ANH FLAVORS AND FOOD INGREDIENTS CO., LTD Hoang Anh is one among the leading creators of Vietnam in researching, developing and producing food... B110, B111, B125, B124 VIETNAM
JAMSON VIETNAM CO., LTD Milk and other kinds of dairy products. A120 VIETNAM
TAN MI CO.,LTD Eigh tcolor flexographic printer , European technology , crisp printing , speed of 100m / min , the... T15, T16, T7, T18 VIETNAM
KIM TAN LONG CO., LTD Specializing in providing design consultancy, installing and maintaining refrigeration equipment,... E120, E121 VIETNAM
KNK VIETNAM CO., LTD KnK Vietnam is the exclusive distributor of Kadeka Wine Chillers in Vietnam. Kadeka Wine Chillers... H42 VIETNAM
COM TAM THUAN KIEU ONE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED Com Tam Thuan Kieu Co., Ltd is the company specializing in the manufacture and supply of canned... A111 VIETNAM
HOANG GIA LAM TRADING SERVICES CO., LTD Forklift, Battery, Forklift Parts. T10, T11, T12 VIETNAM
CAM THANH L.A PLASTIC PRODUCING & TRADING SINGLE MEMBER CO.,LTD PTE food containers, ultra-thin food containers. F142 VIETNAM
VIET TRUONG LONG TRADING CO., LTD Confectionery products. T119 VIETNAM
SONG THINH PHAT IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Is the reputable owner of the organic coffee brand , specializing in manufacturing and trading high... H02, H03 VIETNAM
MY DIEN CO.,LTD Our company currently provides and distributes food products imported from Taiwan, Hong Kong. With a... A102~A109B106 ~B109 VIETNAM
NGUYEN QUANG HUY CO., LTD Nguyen Quang Huy Co., Ltd is established in 2004, we work in offset printing with 02 major areas: -... T07 VIETNAM
VIETNAM BREWERY LIMITED Vietnam Brewery Limited (VBL), was established on December 9th, 1991 by Saigon Trading Group (SATRA)... H02a VIETNAM
KHANH HOA SALANGANES NEST COMPANY Directly managing the exploitation, processing and export business from bird nest products, the... B114, B115 VIETNAM
ONELIFE CO.,LTD ONELIFE Matcha: green tea powder superfine pure, sweet taste, pleasant aroma, jade green with the... T123 VIETNAM
TRACYBEE HONEY BEE COMPANY LIMITED Tracybee company was established in 2013 based on the family’s long - standing experience in... B116, B117 VIETNAM
GREEN DRAGON LIMITED COMPANY Green Dragon Ltd. Co. is the first of its kind in Binh Thuan province to work on processed dragon... T19 VIETNAM
TAN QUANG MINH MANUFACTURE AND TRADING CO., LTD Tan Quang Minh is a manufacturer and exporter of beverage products. Our main products include juice... A113 VIETNAM
HUNG NAM CHOCOLATE CO.,LTD 1. Gourmet chocolate hand-crafted from Vietnam’s high quality cocoa beans. 2. The powder : Tomato,... H29 VIETNAM
SONG HYEON D & F CO., LTD Supplement Food from Ginseng, Korean reishi. G135, G136 VIETNAM
HOA GIANG CO., LTD Our products are manufacture follow Dockweiler (German)technology applicable to... G114, G115 VIETNAM
TAN MI CO., LTD TAN MI LTD specializes in producing all kinds of high-frequency aluminum diaphragm seal to seal on... G139 VIETNAM
NEW EPOCH CO., LTD Noodle food nutrion Korea A124 VIETNAM
ASUZAC FOODS CO., LTD Born 1994, Asuzac Foods Co.,LTD is 100 % owned by the ultimate Japanese parent entity.We is the... G137 VIETNAM
HOANG YEN FOOD COMPANY LIMITED Hoang Yen Food Company Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of the seaweed powder in Viet... C116 VIETNAM
DAI PHAT FOOD CO., LTD Confectionery products. T120 VIETNAM
NGAN NHAN TECH. CO., LTD NGAN NHAN TECH. CO., LTD specialized printer supplies, ink - all kinds of solvents for industrial... F137 VIETNAM
PASSINA ASIA VIETNAM Passina group is the supplier of juice ingredients and juice blends for food and beverage clients.... H08 VIETNAM
DA YING TRADING CO., LTD 1. Mushipon Insect traps are imported from Malaysia, Japan. This product uses UV light to attract... F133, F134 VIETNAM
AN PHU TAN CO., LTD AN PHU TAN CO., LTD is currently the leading supplier in the food processing sector in An Phu Tan... C117, C118, C119 VIETNAM
NHAT THANG CO., LTD Specializing in importing and distributing of confectionery products, cereal, oat products. H33, H34 VIETNAM
KING CAR CO.,LTD Non-Alcohol Beverage: canned coffee Mr.Brown Alcohol Beverage: Whisky Kavalan Wine D114, D115, D120, D121 VIETNAM
QUANG BAO TECHNOLOGY TRADING CO.,LTD Automatic date inkjet BestCode (USA) - Continuous Inkjet Printer Bestcode Diagraph TIJ Thermal... F137A VIETNAM
SONG HIEP LOI TRADING AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD SONG HIEP LOI TRADING AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is one of the leading companies in the field of... G117, G118, G119 VIETNAM
TAN NHAT HUONG CO., LTD Bakery products such as utensils for baking, baking ingredients, ice cream cake decorated Nhat... T04 VIETNAM
THIEN NGHI TRADING & SERVICES CO.,LTD Burkert is unique in its product offering for measuring, controlling, and regulating... H18 VIETNAM
HAO TUAN TRADE AND IMPORT EXPORT CO.,LTD • Supplying the whole processing line for food (meat and non meat) • Supplying all lap... G120, G121, G122 VIETNAM
YEN DAO VIET NAM TRADING COMPANY LIMITED ** Bottled Bird's Nest With Rock Sugar ** Bottled Bird's Nest With Apple ** Bottled Bird's Nest... A114 VIETNAM
TIN DAN COMPANY LIMITED Anti-counterfeiitng solution and labelling/packing machine for all industries Anti-counterfeiting... F103 VIETNAM
DONG PHUONG INVESTMENT AND TRADING CO.,LTD Dong Phuong Investment And Trading co.,ltd supplying cooler product line USAircooler save... T13,T14 VIETNAM
PHAM PHU GIA CO., LTD Kitchen equipment and air cooler T125 VIETNAM
HOANG DANG IMPORT EXPORT SERVICE TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Hoang Dang import export trading company distributed confectionary products, snack and healthy grain... B118, B119 VIETNAM
RONG TIEN CO., LTD 1. Test Kit Tests Food Safety (FSA) - products of Bio Capital (USA) (Food Safety Analyzer Test Kit -... H27 VIETNAM
SKYGEN MEDIA SERVICE TRADING COMPANY LIMITED With experience in the field of cosmetics and health care, Skygen Ltd. is widely known through... B122, B123 VIETNAM
SOLOMON INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD Solomon International Company is one of the leading Organic food and beverage distributors in... H22 VIETNAM
CHINH SON TEA COMPANY LIMITED Exhibiting Matcha products: Spring Matcha, Summer Matcha, Autumn Matcha are pure Matcha products.... C123 VIETNAM
HALAL CERTIFICATION AGENCY HALAL CERTIFICATION AGENCY is a process to assessment certify that the product is consistent with... A110 VIETNAM
MET FOODS CO.,LTD Red ginseng Hongsamjin Gold Country. A112 VIETNAM
HOA THANH EQUIPMENT MACHINERY IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED Hoa Thanh Co., Ltd is agent supplying food processing machines, Pharmaceutical product and packaging... A118, A119 VIETNAM
VHP BUSIMEX CO., LTD Functional Korea Food: Ginseng, reishi,… G101A VIETNAM
SOUTHERN TOP INVESTMENT CO., LTD Southern Top investment company limited specialized trading and processing of agricultural products... H35 VIETNAM
CURLY & SMOOTH LICENSING & TRADING GMBH & CO. KG Curly & Smooth Licensing & Trading buys national and international licenses and develops and... H37,H38 GERMANY
DA CHENG VEGETARIAN FOOD INTERNATIONAL CO LTD For Your Health, We Create Vegetarian Concepts and Ideas -Vegetarian Steak, Vegetarian Diced... E103 TAIWAN
DASE-SING PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD DASE-SING PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is the only company that streamlines shrinkable label... E130-E131 TAIWAN
DETPAK VIET NAM Detmold Packaging is the manufacturing arm of the business that supplies Detpak with its product... C122 AUSTRALIA
EWA-BIS LTD. Fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, NFC juices, juice... C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
FLAVOR FULL FOODS INC We are professional manufacturer on produce sesame oil, sesame paste, sesame powder, sesame seeds... D101 TAIWAN
FOOD INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE - PEPEES S.A. Native Potato Starch (HS 110813), Maltodextrin (1702 90 50), Dextrose Crystalline (1702 30 50),... C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
FOODEX CO., LTD Pipping Sauce, Seasoning Sauce E113 THAILAND
FOSHAN CHUANGLIBAO PACKING MACHINE CO., LTD We are the leading packing machine manufacturer in China. We specialize in flow packing machine and... E125 CHINA
FOSHAN KENDY INTELLIGENT MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD Originated in China, Kendy Mechanical and Intelligent Equipment CO., LTD has been persisting in... E126 CHINA
FRESER INT’L (VIETNAM) CO., LTD FRESER INT'L (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. is a dynamic leading edge company committed to offer competitive... T112, T113 TAIWAN
FUJIAN XIAN YANG YANG FOOD & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Fujian Xian Yang Yang Food & Technology Co., Ltd is a tea and plant R&D, production, sales and... F120 CHINA
GARIMI CO., LTD Pinenut Dried Seaweed - It added pine-nut oils and ground pine nuts on seaweed harvested from the... H46 KOREA
GEUMSAN DUKWON CO., LTD We obtained ISO14001, ISO22000 and INNI-BIZ certification with hygienic manufacturing facilities and... H13 KOREA
GIMPO AGRI-FOOD PROCESSING FARM CORPORATION Gimpo Ltd is specialize in weaning products for babies. By using high technologies to retain the... T05 KOREA
GLOBAL VINTAGE WINES LTD We at Global Vintage Wines want to give our Vietnamese wine friends the opportunity to get access to... H41 AUSTRALIA
GRANEX, JSC Granex, JSC is one of the largest producers of breakfast cereal, sunflower seeds and snacks in... B129 LITHUANIA
GROUP OF COMPANIES YUG RUSI LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY " ZOLATAYA SEMECHKA" Yug Rusi Group was established in 1992 by the Russian entrepreneur Sergei Kislov. Since that time... C120, C121 RUSSIA
GUANDONG WANTTONE FOOD CO.LTD /YANGJIANG BISCUIT EQUIPMENTS GENERAL FACTORY We produce: 1, Biscuit production line (biscuit machinery). 2, Layer cake production line. 3,... E111 CHINA
GUANGDONG IKE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD Heat Pump Dehydrator /Dryer /Drying Machine for Fruits / Vegetables /Flowers/Nuts /Seafood... D106 CHINA
GUANGZHOU SHUANGCHI DINING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Guangzhou ShuangChi Dining Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in HuaDu Guangzhou, which enjoying the... F103a CHINA
HANGZHOU ZHONGYA MACHINERY CO., LTD The main products of Zhongya include filling sealing equipment, downstream intelligent packaging... D126, D127 CHINA
HEBEI SHENGMAO PACKING MATERIALS CO., LTD Hebei Shengmao Packing Materials Co., Ltd. Has been running as a Clips Manufacture since 1992, In... F107 CHINA
HENGSHUI HONGHAO ENTERPRISE CO., LTD Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in January 1997, and located at No. 268, west... F113 CHINA
HISAKAWORKS SEA. SDN BHD Plate heat exchanger. Spare parts of PHE. Brazed heat exchanger. Servicing of plate heat... G111 MALAYSIA
HOMEDI (ZHANGZHOU) IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD Our group was established in 1993,it is the third largest food can group in China,Have been 23 years... D107 CHINA
HUMANWELL Human Well, founded in 2000 We developing roasted laver with red ginseng, we have continuously... A101 KOREA
HUNG YANG FOODS CO., LTD Hung Yang Foods Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of textured vegetable protein in Taiwan. With... E105 TAIWAN
IML CONTAINERS VIETNAM Production packaging: plastic, carton, wood. The first factory in ASEAN, based Long An Province,... E114, E115 FRANCE
INSTANTA SP. Z O.O. Instanta was formed to serve the private label instant coffee sector. We offer spray dried, both... G107 POLAND
JETTON BIOCHEMISTRY CO., LTD As we age, we often experience normal changes in our body. Besides, taking too much exercise or... E101 TAIWAN
JIEYANG HUALONG EOE CO., LTD Easy open ends with sizes of 202# (52mm), 209# (63mm)., 211# (65mm),214# (80mm), 300# (73mm), 307#... F115 CHINA
JINAN BLUESWORD MACHINERY CO., LTD Jinan bluesword machinery co., LTD. is specializing manufacturer of in the production of high... F112 CHINA
JOEUN FOOD TECH CO., LTD. We are one of the leading companies producing flavors, extracts, concentrates, natural colors and... D113 KOREA
JUANG JIA GUOO CO., LTD (JJG) We are professional manufacturer of paper bag in Taiwan which focuses on producing paper bag of... E132 TAIWAN
KAIFENG TRUST-PAK ASEPTIC PACKAGING CO., LTD Aseptic packaging material, Tetra pak paper. G110 CHINA
KEHUA FOODSTUFF MACHINERY Flat wafer peoduction line. Hollow & candy wafer production line. Soft waffle production... E109 CHINA
KIMANIS FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. Kimanis Food is famous for its Brand, D-Jack and JIMBO with tasty, crispy and crunchy snack food in... G102 ~G105 MALAYSIA
KOREASALT CO., LTD Our physical well-being relies much more on the minerals absorbed into our system than on vitamins,... D124 KOREA
LACTOMASON CO., LTD. Products: Probiotics, health functional food, foods supplements(raw material). LactoMason is the... D125 KOREA
LIFE WATER INDUSTRIES SDN.BHD 1. Less Sweet Isotonic Drinks - TRITONIC. 2. Caffeine Free Sparkling Soda – 2More. 3. Fruit... G102 ~G105 MALAYSIA
MINOX VIETNAM CO., LTD MINOX is now one of the brand leaders in South-East Asia and a preferred supplier of food and... F116 MALAYSIA
MIWAMI CO., LTD Honey Citron Tea ia made of fresh citron grown in Geoje island & Gohung in Korea, so you will engoy... C109 KOREA
MNKH PROMOTION LTD. The Hungarian Government, in harmony with it is foreign trade strategy, seeks new business... E122 HUNGARY
MOUNTAIN VALLEY FARM CO. Bellflower Root Syrup Pear Bellflower Root Syrup Pear Bellflower Root Syrup(Stick) B132 KOREA
MY INFINITY PLT The MyRINADE is a tranditional home cook marinated recipes has been supplying the market with... H16 MALAYSIA
MYUN-NARA Tasty! Nutrition-Rich! Trustworthy! Low-Calorie Wellbeing Foods!! "As low-calorie, low-fat noodles... B105 KOREA
N.B. VALUE LINK CO., LTD ..- Canned coconut water & juice with pulp. ..- Canned fruits juice. ..- Basil seed drink in glass... H36 THAILAND
NANTONG TUORUI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD Nantong Tuorui International Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of Plastic... E129 CHINA
N-CHOICE CO., LTD. N-Choice is a food company specializing in the development and production of foods under the... B102 KOREA
NHS FOOD INC. (BLACK GARLIC) NHS Black-Garlic's antioxidative activity dramatically increases compared with raw garlic, giving... D123 KOREA
NINGJIN COUNTY JINGGONG MACHINERY CO., LTD Noodle cutter is a part of noodle machine which cut dough sheet into noodles. Noodle mould is... F122a CHINA
NINGJIN JIEXUN MESH BELT MACHINERY CO., LTD. Our main products are as following: all kinds of mesh conveyor belts, mesh chains,horseshoe type... F101 CHINA
NINGJIN JINGANG CHAIN TRANSPORTATION EQUIMENT CO., LTD NingJin JinGang Chain Transportation Equipment CO., LTD located in Daqi Industry Park in Ningjin... F109 CHINA
NINGYANG QIANGNING INDUSTRIAL TRADE CO,LTD QIANGNING GLASS CO., LTD founded on april 1999 with the registered capital of 3.8 million chinese... D108 CHINA
NTTWORKS CO., LTD Nttworks Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless on-site messaging system based in... G101 KOREA
OKDUFOOD Fresh Steamed Corn - inform the excellence of corn specialty of Gangwon around Koreatown Canada... B104 KOREA
P.P.H. PRIMART MAREK ŁUKASIEWICZ Biscuits We are Polish producer of high quality biscuits, settled in Duczki, Mazovia district,... C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
PANAXKOREA CO., LTD We manufacture Korean Ginseng Product, Red Ginseng product (Capsule, powder, extract, tablet, Honey... B103 KOREA
PINGXIANG SHIDAIGONGYI PACKAGING CO., LTD Shidaigongyi is mainly engaged in food, medicine, electronics and other industries product packaging... E124 CHINA
PREMIUM DISTRIBUTION SP. Z O.O. Ready self-heating meal Chicken with vegetables and rice; Ready self heating meal Beef stew with... C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
PRESERVED FOOD SPECIALTY CO., LTD Preserved Food Specialty CO., LTD. Is one of the leader manufacture of dry food in Thailan. We are... H12 THAILAND
PROWILL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Barcode Printer / 1D 2D Barcode Scanner / POS machine / POS Printer / Customer Display / Cash... G112 TAIWAN
QUANZHOU TIANSHUN FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. Fujian Quanzhou Tianfa (Tianshun) Food Machine co., ltd, established in 1998, is located in... F123 CHINA
RED GINSENG FARM AGRICULTURAL CO., LTD. Panax Berry, Extract of Ginseng berry is made by using ginseng berry only and there are no other... B134 KOREA
ROYAL FAMILY FOOD CO., LTD Royal Family, the professional snack food supplier and dessert manufacturers, offers customers the... D104-D105 TAIWAN
SAEHAN CO., LTD Saehan has been designing and manufacturing Air Shafts, Air Slitter Drive High Precision Shafts,... H45 KOREA
SAMHAE COMMERCIAL CO., LTD We, Myoungga Seaweed of Samhae is the Korea's greatest seaweed specializing manufacturer with... H15 KOREA
SAMJIN CNF CO., LTD Chocostar Extra Crispy Mini Chocolate Bar! Munchy texture of puffball, high oleic peanut,... D122 KOREA
SAN LI FOOD CO., LTD U•May Fruits Yogurt, U•May Yogurt Pudding, U•May Fruit Konjac-Jelly Sticks, U•May Fruit Konjac,... D103 TAIWAN
SAND DEUL NU RI AGRICULTURAL CO., LTD • Special features of Sandeul Nuri’s enzymes • Our products contain specially selected, organically... B131 KOREA
SANOTAC (HK) LIMITED Sanotact offers consumers relevant products that have a positive impact on their health and... C102 HONGKONG
SEE HAU GLOBAL SDN BHD Intraco employs the latest and most advanced technology in plastic pallet manufacturing - the... C110, C111 MALAYSIA
SEIL CO., LTD. SEIL Co., Ltd. founded in 1988, is a professional manufacturer for thermoformed plastic packaging in... F110, F111 KOREA
SEROM CO., LTD [Korea Hoganmin PHD-1] This is a healthy functional supplement made of Hovenia dulcis thunb fruit... H39,H40 KOREA
SHANDONG YUNCHENG RUISHENG GLASS CO., LTD Glass bottle for liquor, water, juice, oil packing. D128 CHINA
SHANGHAI HENGGUANG FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD HG is a professional food machinery supplier in China with more than 40 years experience. HG has... G108 CHINA
SHANGHAI BIQUICK PROCESS SYSTEMS LTD My company specialized provide Steel Belts for Bakery,Candy and chocolate Conveyor. Provide the... F118 CHINA
SHANGHAI CHUANGLING PACKAGING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD The company is engaged in packaging machinery research, development, production and sales of... E128 CHINA
SHANGHAI KUIHONG FOOD MACHINERY FACTORY Shanghai kuihong food machinery factory located in shanghai ,China .its an advanced Food machine... F114 CHINA
SHANGHAI PRECISE PACKAGING CO., LTD. Shanghai PRECISE Packaging Co., Ltd. is a high and new-tech enterprise built by the team led by Mr.... F102 CHINA
SHANGHAI SAMRO HOMOGENIZER CO., LTD SAMRO Homogenizer Co., Ltd is a worldwide supplier of high pressure homegenizing systems.We have... F121 CHINA
SHANGYU ZHONGRUI PLASTIC CO., LTD Shangyu Zhongrui Plastic CO., LTD located in north of Zhejiang Province,between Hangzhou and Ningbo,... D129 CHINA
SOLUTIONPACK MACHINERY CO., LTD SOLUTIONPACK MACHINERY (M) SDN BHD is a solution provider spercializing in machineries used for food... G123, G124 MALAYSIA
SUEMPOL SP. Z.O.O. Smoked salmon. C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
SUNHO FOOD Salted fish (Salted pollack roe, Salted squid, Salted small octopus, Pollack shashimi mix, Salted... H14 KOREA
SUNRIGHT FOODS CORPORATION SUNRIGHT FOODS Corporation established in 1975. We are a leading groceries supplier in Taiwan. We... D130 TAIWAN
SUNRISE PACKAGING MATERIAL (JIANGYIN) CO., LTD Sunrise Packaging Material Co., Ltd is an enterprise that specialized in the... F104,F104a CHINA
SUZHOU JAGPACK PACKAGING EQUIPMENTCO., LTD In order to expand the business range, JAGPACK introduced advanced foreign technology, conducted... G109 CHINA
SWIĘCICKI ZDRÓJ Water; Natural Alkaline Water PH 8.3. C106~108, C127~129 POLAND
TAIWAN FRUCTOSE CO., LTD. Products: High Fructose Syrup, Maltose, Maltodextrin, Isomalto-oligo Saccharides Syrup (IMO),... D134 TAIWAN
TAIWAN CONFECTIONARY BISCUIT & FLOURY FOOD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Members of the production system's main products, including candy, cookies, West Point, dim sum,... D131 TAIWAN
TAIWAN FOOD & PHARMACEUTICAL MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION Taiwan Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers' Association was established in April 1995 and... G113 TAIWAN
TEAN YO MACHINE LIMITED Fully Automatic Weighting & Vacuum Packing machine. E133 TAIWAN
TEX YEAR VIETNAM CO., LTD Professional hot melt adhesive manufacturer, provide kinds of hot melt adhesive for packaging... C125 TAIWAN
THAI SPIRIT INDUSTRY CO., LTD Alcoholic Beverages based from fruit wine with 5% ALC : Full Moon, Nite and Hoshi Non-alcoholic... C133, C134 THAILAND
THE NATIONAL POULTRY COUNCIL – CHAMBER OF COMMERCE High quality poultry meat from europe. C104 POLAND
LIKSIN INDUSTRY – PRINTING – PACKAGING CORPORATION Liksin Corporation - A professional printing and packaging manufacturer Main products: - Flexible... T108, T109 VIETNAM
TPG CO., LTD. TPG performs aggressive activities in various areas, such as food, electronics, medicine, and daily... A100 KOREA
BAC GIANG TRADE PROMOTION CENTER Trade and investment promotion T20 VIETNAM
TSAN YU YEN FOOD CO., LTD Tsan Yu Yen Food Co., Ltd utilize the newest, most advanced technologies, to create and develop a... D102 TAIWAN
UNOX (ASIA) SDN/ BHD Unox provides oven based on technologies that grant the best Cooking Results, Return on Investment... G140 MALAYSIA
UPO RICETECH CO., LTD. We, UPO RiceTech CO., LTD is one of leading manufacturer for processed food of brown rice in Korea... D112 KOREA
WENZHOU JIALILONG PACKING CO., LTD Our company has been specialized in food packing industry for 30 years. Now, we are in possesssion... G131a CHINA
WOORIMIL CO. LTD. 1) Woorimil Garlic Rusk : Made with 100% local Korean wheat planted in late fall and harvested in... B133 KOREA
WUHAN HAITAI WEICHUANG TECHNOLOTY CO., LTD Our machine is vertical form fill seal type, adopts 2 or 3 pieces hot roller to achieve 4 side seal... E108 CHINA
WU-HSING ELECTRONICS CO., LTD Since 1991, Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Sealing,... E134 TAIWAN
XILONG GLASS PRODUCTS., LTD Glass bottle, glass vodka bottle, glass whisky bottle,glass beer bottles, glass wine bottle, glass... E127 CHINA
Y&G PACKING MACHINERY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Double sizes labeling machine. Power filling and cap-screwing machine. Pasty filling and... F105,F106 CHINA
ZHANGJIAGANG HUANYU BEVERAGE MACHINERY CO.,LTD Zhangjiagang Huanyu Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in the professional development of food... F131, F132 CHINA
ZHANGJIAGANG KING MACHINE CO., LTD. Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd .was founded at 1995,and starting with beverage machinery.It is... F122 CHINA
ZHUCHENG CITY JINDING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. Together with our strategic global partners, we offer much more - including extensive expertise in... F110a CHINA
ZHUCHENG XINXUDONG MACHINERY CO., LTD Food rpocessing machinery. Potato chips production line. Chicken nueggets production line. Frying... E110 CHINA